Thursday, 15 November 2012

*big hug

heyyyyyyy! almost 1 year sudah fara tidak post kn? oh my! bnyk inbox yg fara trima. thanks guys sudi tunggu post dari fara! i appreaciate that. :) actually fara lupa password blog fara. sedih kn? alhamdulilah pagi tadi tiba2 fara ada mood nak hack balik blog fara. try punya try . yessssssss! i get it! dapat hack. melompat2 fara. happpppppy sangat! guys, no what i have been nothing with azwan already. opppps! fara tidak sedih okay! i think its better to me. past is past. lets talk about my sweet and sour relationship with alif. after 4 months single he got me. he win my heart . like seriously, dia betul2 buka hati fara untuk bercinta lagi. hahah*lucu lah ayat fara, malu -.- . LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP? yeppp. im facing with this situation. deep in the eyes close to the heart. hihi . long distance love more beautiful than what we expected. i'm not just empty talk but honestly i feel how great distance love that i made with him. while the time passes by we learned to overcome the distance between us,the temptation of hungging and kissing, the trust we have for each other,to be patient at all times. all this things make us stronger and looking forward for the first meet up. to be honest his existance really do help me change my life.i do appreaciate and treasure all his times spending on his lappy to talk to me. we added each on every single day with skyping, texting and calling. we talk almost every days trying to get to know each other closer and better. JELOUS? yepp. i do jelous with him. know what its have been 8 times already his ex girl do click favourite at our conversation on twitter. guys, u know what that means right? hmmpph. nevermind as long as you happy doing that girl. mark my word its nothing on me and doing that stupid things does't not make my relationship with your ex distant. haha. come on! get a life. 

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