Friday, 15 February 2013

Morning human.

Hi guys! First of all fara nk wish good morning. Haha. Normal lah kn every post start with greetings. Okay. Mmmm. Today is my last day cuti Cny then hri ahad dah kena blik ipg. Ehhh jap nk kongsi skit cerita sweet and sour relation fara dgn korang. Almost 1 week fara tdr dpn lappy. Eppppp! Bkn tebiat ska2 nk tdr dpn lappy. Fara tdr dpn lappy sbb nk tdr dgn alif. Kitorang on webcam dri mlm smpai pagi. Sweet en? Anyuhyuh. Smpai mkn pun dpn lappy. Every single day kitorang spend time together dpn webcam and also every single day both of us trying to fill up our day with love :3 tpi dlm sweet2 tu ada jg sour dia. Fara slalu marah alif. Yg si alif ni pun sabar je layan bitter half dia ni. Mood fara cpt sgt berubah2 kjap jd sweet,jap mrh2,jap manja2. Untung dpt bf mcm alif sbr je. Tpi tk lah smpai ada niat nk skit kn hti dia trus. Fara syg dia. Standart lah gduh2 manja skit. But like seriously spanjang kitorang in love ni alif tk perna mrh fara event tinggikn suara pun tk perna. For his desprate ex keep on moving lah. Fara and alif betul2 bhgia now. Stop stalk our instag. Kitorang dah block dri fb and twitter. And now dkt instag pula? Haha. Annoying sgt!

Start your day with a smile guys! Xoxo *big hug

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